An Education Leader to Improve Our Schools

My wife is a teacher with 22 years of experience in our local schools and I co-founded a local school that helps disadvantaged students get a higher quality education.  So my family has a strong commitment to education.

I have worked with local business leaders, to partner employers with local schools so our community develops a skilled workforce that will attract high-skilled employers and produce higher paying jobs.

Count on me to properly fund our schools in grades K-12, reduce the cost of college, and improve vocational education so students gain the skills needed to get a good job.


Fiscally Responsible Leadership to Set Right Priorities

As a County Supervisor and former city councilmember, I balanced 13 straight budgets while increasing law enforcement funding


Law Enforcement’s Choice to Fight Crime, Drugs and Gangs

Under my leadership, our city put more officers on patrol, improved response times and beefed up programs to fight gangs, drugs and violence.

We initiated efforts dismantle criminal gangs, investigate organized gang crime and suppress illegal gang activity before it starts.

In the Senate, I will work to reinstate DNA testing of convicts to help police solve more crimes.

I will also push to expand the list of violent crimes for which early release is not an option, to include rape of an unconscious person, trafficking a child for sex and felony domestic violence.


A Farmer to Fight for Clean, Reliable Water Supplies

Rob Poythress is a farmer who led successful efforts to recharge ground water and improve conservation efforts.

He will lead efforts to improve the state’s water infrastructure by working to upgrade existing dams and reservoirs and improve new ones so we can capture more water from rainy years.


A Reformer to Clean up Corruption

Send me to Sacramento and I will shine a spotlight on corruption and push to enact reforms to stop the sexual harassment epidemic that forces several legislators to resign in disgrace.


 A Small Business Owner Who Created Jobs

I am a small business owner who has led efforts to bring new jobs to the Valley while cutting red tape and streamlining the permit process. 

That hard work paid off when our county was recognized by with a number one rank for job growth in manufacturing jobs in small markets.

As your State Senator, I will continue my opposition to job-killing regulations and renew my efforts to recruit new employers and new investment to our district so we can build a more vibrant and diverse economy.


A Taxpayer Advocate to Repeal the Unfair Gas Tax

I support the repeal of the unfair gas tax which costs the average family $400 a year.

In the State Senate, I will continue my efforts to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely, protect Proposition 13 and oppose efforts to raise taxes on hard working people.


Fiscally Responsible Leadership to Cut Government Waste

As County Supervisor, I cut wasteful spending and worked hard to put dollars into essential services like public safety.

In the Senate, I will support efforts to use performance-based budgeting to eliminate inefficiencies, fight to make government more transparent and push to make our elected officials more accountable to the people they serve.


 A Strong Advocate for our Veterans

During my time as Supervisor, we recognized the need for increased support for our Veterans. A full-time Veterans Service Officer was hired in order to better serve and support those who served in the Armed Forces find health care, good jobs, and educational opportunities they need when they return to civilian life.


Experience to Stand up to Discrimination. 

In both county and city government, I have stood up to discrimination, ensured everyone has an equal opportunity to get a good job, and ensured translators were on hand to help those who do not understand English.  I believe we need to build a path to citizenship and stop splitting up families at the border.